Henry's Homemade Formula

Our journey towards adding "real" foods into Henry's Homemade Blended G-Tube Formula

Some initial success & new-found help

on May 6, 2011

I did some more research online a couple of day ago and found some great blogs from other mom’s. Full of useful tips about ingredients, timing, volumes, etc.

  1. http://www.samuelsformula.com/
  2. http://ainsleyrae.blogspot.com/2009/01/blenderized-diet-for-g-tube.html
  3. http://psychmamma.wordpress.com/2010/12/28/homemade-blenderized-formula-for-g-tube/#comment-3532
  4. http://prayingforparker.com/1707/blenderized-diets-for-g-tube-fed-kids-featuring-greensbury-market-oranic-beef/

We’re back on EBM now, mixed with 1.5 tsp of formula powder increased the calories. Henry tolerated it well for breakfast this morning. Will do 2-3 times per day, as our supply lasts.

Tried his homemade formula for lunch yesterday and he kept it down!

Did 4 cubes of homemade formula (120mls) mixed with 75mls of water. End result was about  150ml. And it was thin enough to go through the pump. While this isn’t that important, at lunch Henry usually falls asleep while having his milk and has a nap – so easier to use the pump than a syringe. Only gave him 100mls of the formula. He was asleep and not showing signs of distress, but I didn’t want to overfill his tummy given then new foods. I know it’s not sustainable longterm, but I figure it’s ok while starting. He ate again at 3pm snack time and that stayed down just fine with no signs of distress. So it think he digested it just fine! Going to try again tomorrow at lunch time, and try for a larger amount. Because I watered it down and didn’t do the full amount, I don’t know how many calories were in it, but I don’t mind. Henry’s doing well and one meal a day of experimenting is ok, in my books.

I read in one of the blogs that people digest heavier foods better at midday, which makes total sense… that’s when alot of people eat their largest meal. So better to give new foods then, versus for breakfast or evening snack.

New Supporter – his pediatrician

We had a GREAT appointment with our pediatrician two days ago. The man who has up until now has always said that weight is the end-all-be-all of determining health agreed that, although  Henry is not currently gaining much weight, he wasn’t eager to make any changes or do any further interventions. He actually suggested just waiting a bit  and seeing what happens – and we didn’t even have to suggest it first! Plus.. and even better… when I asked him about making Henry’s formula myself,  he thought it was a pretty logical idea and couldn’t see any reason not to try. Finally… someone who agrees!!!! Admittedly, he said he doesn’t know  too much about it, but said he’s do some research prior to our next appointment and see what he could find out to help. Yeah!!!!! I felt like hugging the  man. After being told no by the dietician every time I bring it up, it feels so good to have someone on my side.

Cheers,  Shelley


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