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Games we play with food… updated

I’ve added a bit more onto the previous post… Games We Play with Food.  Check it out for some new ideas and additional photos.

Cheers, Shelley

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Henry’s orthotics

We visited our friend Eugene at Hodgekins Orthotics again about 1.5 months ago (I know… I’m a little late writing about this one!).   Henry is growing like a weed – like most toddlers – and his feet had gone through two shoe sizes.  Andrea, our previous physio therapist, always said to look for red marks.  If they didn’t look obviously too small, there were no red marks, and Henry’s wasn’t complaining of pain, then they were likely ok.  When we saw our new physio therapist for the first time, she checked his inserts and, since his toes extended past the front of the insert, she recommended going in.

As it turns out, he didn’t really need new ones yet – but since we were there Eugene extended the arch support a little bit, to buy us a bit more time.  For Henry’s type of inserts – SMO’s or Supramaleolar Orthosis – it doesn’t matter too much if the toes extend beyond the tip of the insert, as long it isn’t causing pain or redness.  What does matter is if the arch is extended too far beyond the insert’s arch support.

In Henry’s case, his toes were beyond the edge (thus his physio’s recommendation to go in), but his arch wasn’t too far beyond the insert’s support.  Since we were there, Eugene extended them, but if we hadn’t gone in… it would have been ok too.

Here are a few photos of the arch support.  Unfortunately it’s a bit hard to see, but the support is the “built up” white part (but as the whole sole is white… it’s hard to see the difference).








We’ve got another appointment to visit Eugene next month, to start the process of getting fit for new ones.  Since it takes about a month from start to finish, off we go again!

Cheers, Shelley

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