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Blender Breakdown… again!

on August 18, 2013

Let me start off by saying that I love my Vitamix!!!!  And I really love Vitamix Customer Service!!!!

However… I love it less and less each time it breaks.  And this time… it was serious :(.

IMG_2541First… a little reminder…

We NEED this blender.  It’s not a toy or a fancy accessory… it’s how Henry eats.  No blender = no blenderized food.  No blenderized food and Henry can’t eat.  So we NEED this blender to work!

It’s broken down before,  but not this seriously.  The last time, customer service was able to send us new parts and we replaced them ourselves.  It never actually stopped working completely…

This time… it stopped completely!  I panicked…. SERIOUS panic!

We had been having trouble with it overheating and shutting off.  There is a built is auto shutoff, designed to ensure the motor doesn’t overheat.  A good thing in case someone is working it too hard, or using the wrong speed to blend something.  Simply wait a few minutes and it turns on again just fine.

However our machine was shutting off all the time.  And for no cause that I could determine.  I’d already contacted customer service and arranged a loaner so we could send ours in for repairs, so I was feeling confident.  Because we use the blender for “medical reasons” they will “sell” us a loaner machine for which they refund back all changes for once it is returned.  So yes, it costs a few hundred dollars, but it all works out in the end.

But the very next day, the machine quit and wouldn’t turn back on.  We always have some food frozen as a backup, but since parts are shipped from the US, it typically takes a week to get anything depending on how fast it goes through customs.  I didn’t have this much food.


So back on the phone with customer service…

In the end, I went to a local retailer that sells the Vitamix and purchased another one (another $600 on my Visa).  We used it for a week until our loaner arrived and then returned it.  I felt guilty, but it’s what customer service told me to do.  Apparently they allow all their retailers to accept returns with no questions asked.

A month later we got our original blender back with just about every thing replaced – at least that is what it looked like from the parts inventory included.

You’d think the story would be finished…. but no 😦

A couple of weeks later and the blender started turning off again.  I’d reduced the batch size… increased the liquid… and still it shut off.


So back on the phone with customer service…

This time… they are sending us a whole new blender! Yeah!  Since we never had any trouble with the two loaners… it must be something with our machine.

This is what I LOVE about Vitamix…

Every time I phone customer service they are FABULOUS!  I wish we didn’t have these troubles to begin with… but I am so pleased with how we have been treated.  And because we need it for medical reasons, they go out of their way to find solutions that will work.


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


(and cross your fingers our new blender is trouble-free!)


Cheers, Shelley


One response to “Blender Breakdown… again!

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