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Goodbye Neve… our thoughts and prayers are with you

on August 28, 2013

It is with sadness that we say goodby to Neve… Whitney’s little angle.  I never met Neve, but had the pleasure of chatting with Whitney several times, after she commented on the What is a G-tube page.  Neve was born with some complex stuff, to put it mildly, and never really seemed adjust to having her g-tube.  After many nights to the hospital, and I’m sure more tears than most of us can even imagine, she passed away during her afternoon nap.  She was at home and had a wonderful 5 days with her family before passing.

All this just reminds me once again how precious we all are, and how every moment really should be cherished… even the tough ones.  One book I read tried to re-frame getting your child to sleep as “treasure” time.  I’m not sure trying to sooth a screaming child to sleep at 2am is really “treasure” time in my books… but It better that than an eerily quiet home.

With love, Shelley


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