Henry's Homemade Formula

Our journey towards adding "real" foods into Henry's Homemade Blended G-Tube Formula

Making a homemade blended diet… on the fly (with baby food!)

on September 14, 2013

Arg… our fridge stopped working!  Upon reflection, it stopped working 2 days earlier, as Shawn had commented that the milk seemed a bit warm.  But I didn’t notice it until Thursday morning when I took the eggs out for breakfast.  Warm… very warm eggs.  Not good…

Because I didn’t notice in time, I ended up having to throw out most of what was in there… including the 3 batches of Henry’s food I’d just made the night before.  Arg…


So… what do you do with two hungry kids and no food???


Thank goodness for the emergency stash of baby food!



Thankfully anytime the hand blender is involved, Henry thinks it’s fun!


I always have a few jars of baby food stashed at the back of the cupboard, just in case.  I never quite knew what the “just in case” would be… but now I do!

If using baby food for a homemade blended diet for a g-tube, the “first steps” or “first foods” type works best.  It is smoother and typically doesn’t need to be blended.  Great if the power goes out!  In this case, I had a few jars of the “first steps” type and a some of the “second stages”.  The second stages were thicker and chunkier so needed to be blended smooth enough to go through Henry’s tube.

I combined the baby food with some rice milk (I always have a few of the non-refrigerated tetra-packs around), then added in some molasses and oil to boost the calories. If I was doing this longer term, I would have also added in some tomato pasta.

It certainly wasn’t the well balanced diet he typically has, nor as calorie dense… but sometimes you just have to make the best with what you have!

I always try to keep a few containers of food frozen for Henry too, and we used this up until I had the chance to blend another batch.  The refrigerator repair person came Thursday evening, and thankfully we are back up and running again.

Cheers, Shelley


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