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Our journey towards adding "real" foods into Henry's Homemade Blended G-Tube Formula

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As they say – time flies when you’re having fun!  It also flies when you’re crying, laughing, shaking your head in disbelief and when you’re sleeping :).

It’s been almost 4 years since my last post and as expected so many things have happened.

I stopped posting regularly back in 2014 for a number of reasons, but mostly because I simply didn’t feel the desire.  I started this blog because I felt I had something valuable to share.  Our journey learning how to feed Henry healthy, well balanced, homemade blended meals was something new to us – and to many of the people we turned to for support.  As I was asking for help, I kept meeting people who not only didn’t have any help to give, but were eager to learn along with me.  Thus… the blog was born.

However after a couple years, my desire to document our lives lessened.  I felt I didn’t have as much new information to share and I felt I just wanted to focus on Henry being a kid for a while.  To stop highlighting how he was different, and to just enjoy being a family.

Henry is now 7 years old, is attending grade 2 at our local community school for the first time, and is a typical kid in many ways.  He is still stubborn (like his Mama), loves music, trains, and all things computers/technology/etc (like his Dad), and is a typical cheeky 7 year old.

He continues to eat exclusively through his g-tube (he still has a Nutriport brand low-profile device) and tastes food when he wants to (vanilla ice cream, whip cream and smoothies are current favourites).  He wears SMO orthotics for foot and ankle support but other than that, he is medically well.  He seems to have outgrown most of his asthma challenges and hasn’t used any type of inhaler for well over a year.  When he gets sick, it still takes him longer than typical to recover, but his overall sick days are done drastically from earlier years and we haven’t needed a trip to the ER for breathing difficulties in a long time.

Henry is still small for his age, and likely always will be.  At 34 pounds, I joke he’ll be off to college still riding in his car seat.  But his height is good and nothing we seem to do makes a different to his weight so I try not to worry about it.  His pediatrician isn’t panicked yet, so why should I.

We still make his “blender food” ourselves – and have found a comfortable rhythm that works for us.  Every so often we think… “gee it would be nice to use a commercial food formula” (like that day at Science World when I forgot his food at home!), but Henry’s allergies to wheat, corn and dairy make that impossible.

Overall, he is a happy, healthy boy (who happens to have been born with a muscle condition). We are a fairly typical family of four, with reasons to celebrate and reasons to cry… just like most families we know!

Cheers, Shelley

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